My Story

John Lee is the cofounder of Clohn Art. As a teenager in Albuquerque, his Aunt convinced him he was a 5th Generation New Mexican. These days he’s living in Pittsburgh, painting and leaving art on the streets. He spent most of last decade in Kunming, China where he spent a lot of time not learning Chinese and a lot of time doing art. He is an interdisciplinary artist working on a variety of materials and styles. He is passionate about his art and committed to doing it for the long term.

Clohn Art was established in 1999 somewhere in America; it has since gone international. We are happy you’re here, and we hope you look around. We want you to own our art, so some of our prices are crazy low ($15).

Please ask us about as about our Home Gallery System. It’s awesome and we want you to be part. Want to bomb you’re town with Clohn Art? We maybe able to help you with that as well.